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Book the Choir to perform at Fund Raising and Charity Events

Northallerton Male Voice Choir is active in performing at fund raising events for Charities and Organisations in the north of England.

We also regret that we do not normally include weddings as we have found in the past that the size of the church restricts the size of the choir and selecting members to attend is not always practical. We do make a small charge to cover our costs except for charitable organisations.

Since being founded in 1968, NMVC has sung in local venues for hundreds of Charities and Organisations, earning very many thousands of Pounds for great causes. Northallerton Male Voice Choir's funding arrangement means that we perform concerts free of charge for host organisations; meaning that every penny earned from concert ticket sales and other funding streams goes directly to the function organisers for their Charity or Organisation. We perform concerts for any good causes; be they local, national or international.

Event organisers are able to make initial enquiries about booking the choir to sing at your local venue by clicking HERE. Following this initial contact the Choir's Secretary will respond to the Organisers and arrangements can start to be made.

A mutually suitable date will be agreed with Event Organisers in conjunction with them confirming the availability of a suitable venue. Once a date is confirmed, we let the Organisers get on with advertising and arranging the event, while we get on with practicing our songs.

Concerts can be arranged to take place either during evenings or potentially afternoons at weekends (subject to the availability of sufficient choir member numbers). They normally last between 2 hours and 2½ hour but we can tailor them to suit the Organiser's needs, if for example we are to perform alongside another choir or music group. Venues need to be large enough to accommodate approximately 40 choir members and we can bring our own electric piano if a tuned piano is not available. Normally our Stage Manager will visit the venue in advance to determine how best to arrange our staging, where to locate the Music Director's podium and how to power music stand lighting if needed.

The choir is also willing to perform at non-charitable events, such as birthday parties or commercial functions. We do request a small fee to cover our expenses under these circumstances. However, we regret that we do not perform at funerals, as we cannot guarantee a sufficiently large or balanced choir at short notice.
Contact us through our secretary Bob Robinson at:

Home 01325 352655
Mobile 07801 473585

We reserve the right to change our policy on funding concerts in the future if the choir finds it is incurring too many costs.

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