All Change, for NMVC.

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All Change, for NMVC.

At its Annual General Meeting held in October, Choir Members voted to adopt a second Choir Uniform.

Since its inception, 51 years ago, Northallerton Male Voice Choir has worn black suits and white shirts with various coloured bow-ties over the years.

As part of its modernisation programme, and to make the choir more accessible to younger singers and audiences, the Management Committee has investigated a number of different Choir Uniform options.

Peter Spencer, the Choir's Librarian said, 'Whilst the Choir members look smart in their penguin suits, younger people these days consider the look to be a bit too stuffy and we know that this has put some people off joining us. Choirs with younger members in them tend to have a less formal looking uniform and we wanted to see if changing ours might assist to encourage more and potentially younger singers to join us.' A number of options were considered. Bob Robinson, the Choir's Secretary, said 'We've seen choirs wearing various different colours of jackets and most look like bus drivers getting ready for their annual company photo! We also knew that our choir members were never going to agree to wear brightly coloured shirts and so we searched for something reasonably conventional, but linking with the Choir's existing uniform.' And so it was put to the Choir Members that the new uniform could be a plain black shirt, combined with a standard necktie in the Choir's burgundy colour.

The existing and new uniforms both use ties in the Choir's Colour

The Choir voted for the new uniform but not as a replacement for the existing uniform - instead as a second uniform for use at concerts in warmer and less formal venues.

Chairman, Peter Kershaw said, 'All we need to do now is ensure that all choir members turn up to concerts wearing the same uniform to save embracement!'

The new uniform was introduced to audiences during the Choir's Christmas Concerts on 21 December 2019 and is due to be used during our Summer Concert - come and judge it for yourself.

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