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Officers of the Choir

Northallerton Male Voice Choir is supported by a Management Committee comprised of members of the Choir.

Peter Kershaw

Peter Kershaw - Choir Chairman

Peter became Choir Chairman in 2013, when Les Crelling retired from the role. Peter is responsible for maintaining control of Committee meetings and in some cases has the casting vote. Peter makes speeches of thanks after each of the Choir's Annual Concerts.

Linden Purvis

Linden Purvis Vice Chairman - NAC Representative

Linden has been a member of the Choir's Management Committee since its inauguration in 2002, although he also took the role of Vice Chairman between 1995 and 2002. Linden is the Choir's representative at National Association of Choirs meetings.

Bob Robinson

Bob Robinson - Choir Secretary, Publicity and Friends of the Choir Officer

After Alan Bunting stood down from the role of Secretary after many years of service, Bob agreed to take the role in September 2018. Bob is the central point for all contact with the Choir and arranges concerts with potential organisers.

Robert Carter

Robert Carter - Treasurer

Robert took on the role of the Choir's Treasurer following Dave Eldridge's untimely death in 2011. Since then Robert has successfully guided the Choir through the recession, ensuring that the Choir was financially stable, when incomes were reduced.

Jim Dale

Jim Dale - Stage Manager and Web-master

Jim took on the role of Stage Manager in 2015, when Linden Purvis stood down. Jim attends concert venues in advance to ensure that the staging can be designed to accommodate all of the Choir Members. Jim is also responsible for keeping the Choir's web-site up-to-date.

Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer - Choir Librarian

Peter has also been a member of the Choir's Management Committee since 2002. He took on the role of Librarian in 1996 when Robin Cooper left the Choir. Peter is responsible for maintaining over 21,000 pieces of music and ensuring that every member has the right music.

Malcolm Watson

Malcolm Watson - Special Events Officer

Malcolm took over the role of Special Events Officer in 2016 when Denis Reeve stood down. Malcolm is responsible for co-ordinating all special events, including Massed Choir Events, bus travel arrangements and the Choir's Annual Dinner.

The Choir is extremely grateful for the work that all members of the Management Committee undertakes on its behalf, without which the Choir would not be able to function successfully.

Hollin Barn

Northallerton Male Voice Choir

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